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Sound Machine
Portable Sound System with Shure wireless

• At 32 pounds (35 with options), the SM-5 delivers 200 watts, 127dB SPL and 4-8 hours of operating time.
• Optional CD/MP3 player with USB port, and up to two auto-scan wireless microphones.
• Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery improve efficiency, reduce overall weight and extend operating time.
• ‘Talkover’ feature automatically lowers program material when speaking on microphone, ideal for short announcements and multi-media presentations.
• Operates up to a full day on the internal battery, or plug it in for continuous use.
• Best warranty in the industry; 6 years on the system, 3 years on the LFP battery.

Portable Sound System with Shure wireless:


SM-5 Battery/AC-powered sound system with output for companion (SM-5C).
SM-5C Companion Speaker for Sound Machine.

Options (factory installed)

OPT-101 Built-in CD/MP3 player with USB port.
OPT-40 Shure 123-channel UHF wireless handheld microphone system.
OPT-50 Shure 123-channel UHF wireless body-pack system (used with wireless mics below).


SC50-4W 50’ speaker cable.
SC100-4W 100’ speaker cable.
MC-4W Mating coupler, 4 pole (use to join speaker cables).
MIC-HH1 Handheld Microphone (wired) with 30’ cable and connectors.
PSC-SM Protective slip cover for Sound Machine.
SS-1 Heavy-duty “Telelock” speaker stand with tote bag.
SS-2 Economy speaker stand with tote bag.
SPORT-1 Sound-Porter transport system (collapsible hand-truck with cover).
BCX-50 50’ balanced cable for mic or line connections.
Microphones for use with body-pack systems (use with OPT-50)
MIC-L2 Lapel microphone for body-pack transmitter.
MIC-HB2A Headset boom microphone for body-pack transmitter.


Rated power output
... 200 watts dynamic

... 127 dB ‘loud’ mode
... 120 dB ‘normal’ mode

Frequency response
... 65 Hz - 16 kHz

Wireless system
... Shure 123-channel

... UHF true diversity

Battery life
... 4-8 hours typical
... charge temp: 0-50° C

Power requirements
... 110-240VAC, 200 watts max

Dimensions (HWD)
... 23 x 15 x 13”

... 32 lbs (SM-5 only)
... 35 lbs (SM-5, CD, 1 receiver)
... 24 lbs (SM-5C)

... (2) mic level, balanced, XLR
... (1) line level, balanced, XLR
... (1) line level, 1/4” phone
... (1) tape/CD level, dual RCA

... (1) line level, balanced, XLR
... (1) line level, 1/4” phone
... (1) tape/CD level, dual